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21 Laws of Leadership

In the early 1990’s I received my first John Maxwell book, Developing the Leader within You.  As a young leader wanting to grow and develop, it met a tremendous need in my life and from that moment on I was hooked.  I began to listen to the monthly audio lessons that John produces and to read anything “Maxwell” I could get my hands on.

In the businesses, business units, and non-profit organizations that I was developing throughout the ‘90s John’s material was both practical and inspirational. 

In the late 90’s John released the 21 irrefutable Laws of Leadership, a book I immediately put into practice and utilized in developing various leadership teams.  The insights were just what I neeed at the time and have continued to maintain their importance and relevance to this day.

The first of the laws of leadership, The Law of the Lid, was evident in every entity I was a part of or had been a part of – including my own.  My Leadership level and the level of those leaders I had been under – was the lid on the organization and its’ people.  Grow the Leader, increase the ‘lid’, increase the effectiveness of getting results and quality of life for the people.

Within the 21 laws of Leadership, you’ll find ‘laws’ that you do well and laws you don’t – no leader has all of the Leadership Laws down – this is why the best Leaders employ team leadership – which led to another book from John around ‘laws of Leadership’ – the 17 Laws of Teamwork.

The second of the 21 laws of leadership is one that has become a mainstay in Leadership definitions world-wide – it’s the Law of Influence, which says, “The True measure of Leadership is Influence – Nothing More, Nothing Less.”  In fact, this law was resonant with my understanding of Leadership that when I named my consulting company, Influence Leadership, it embodied John’s Influence on my Leadership.

Many of the Laws of Leadership can be taken one at a time and worked on over a week or a month to increase awareness of the law and to enhance proficiency in that area.

As a result of my passion for the Maxwell Leadership material, including the 21 laws of Leadership, I bought into a company that offered John’s material as training content.  I have chosen to align my passion for growing leaders and my business pursuit into one and the same.  Integrating the Laws of Leadership into much of what is taught through the partnership and alliance with Giant Impact.

 I am often asked what the 5 most impactful Maxwell books and I would place 21 laws close to the top.  My personal top 5 are:  Developing the Leader within You, 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, 360 Degree Leader, Failing Forward, and the 17 Laws of Teamwork.

For more information on how the 21 Laws of Leadership can impact your business results or the Leaders within your organization and for more details on our partnership with The John Maxwell Company, please Contact us.


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